Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Siddharth ke Batein.... Stories of Siddharth - Part I

Now a days Siddharth talks in a very cute and smart way so i thought i will write a series of his talks with me... This one happened when we were coming from his school today..
Usually In the afternoon after picking Siddharth sometime we go the bank if I have some job to do, one day Siddharth said mama I get bored so u finish your job before picking me up from school. I promised him to agree. A day before yesterday we saw one very interesting game named Mastermind at one of the friends place.. And Siddharth wanted me to buy for him.. Since it was a long time that I bought toys for him so I thought of buying this one for him. We decided to go after his school..
Today when we were coming back from school, Siddharth asked me Mama are we going direct home or somewhere else and he reminded me of my promise. I asked Siddharth we went yesterday to market, then he said very cutely Mama mein kal bhool gaya tha….
I was just laughing and thinking he is a smart kid of an innocent mom…………

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