Thursday, June 18, 2009

Geometry of Life!!

Siddharth has learned to add numbers, these are the first addition sum he has done. He loves doing math. I went to kitchen to cook food, Siddharth wanted to do maths. He came and sat on the shelf and started doing his math.
It reminds the same passion of me about math. I use to do math in the night with the Binaca songs on transistor. The songs were playing till four o’ clock in the morning and I will also do the math sums till that time. Specially in the class XI and XII. Maths was my favourite subject from class X. I still remember if any of my favorite song came, I use to leave my book , raise the volume and sing the song. Start math with another song…
I loved the darkness in the night and the voice of only a song and my pen on the paper solving math sums of Trigonometry, derivative, Integral and Statistics. My mind is getting lost in the sums of Statistic..
How did I found the concentration of doing maths in the below songs, and scored maximum in Maths, is a sum to be solved still… may be Siddharth can solve this also…

Pukarta chala hoon main, gali gali bahaar kee..
Bus ek sham zulaf kee….


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

ya.. i agree... math is an amazing subject ya. i used to love doin math anytime, be it happy or sad. whenever i used to get bored with other subjects also, i used to do math. and that used to happen pretty often!! and yeah, even i used to love listenin to songs and doin math. and even i used to love the darkness and silence of the nite, with me just lfet with music and math.. nice to read u put the same emotions into words.unfortunately, i didn't have math in my professional course. i used to miss it so badly when i was in first year.. anyways, all the very best to ur son. hope he becomes a math genius. i guess he will :)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

Its heart warming to see you child growing up, i very well understand how you feel when you watch him do maths.

I have a daughter this year, and i just get to see her photographs every otherday. Waiting for her mom and her to join me here in September.

maths, if you really love it is like music. it has the power to sooth. You just need to love it.

Thanks for the comments. I have added you to the follow list, shall visit often.TC:))

Swatantra said...

Chandana: That's amazing, being a doctir you liked Maths. I never liked Biology.

Zillionbig: It is very true to see kids growing! Wish you good luck for your daughter!! I liked your lines on soothing!! They are very true!!

Nazish Rahman said...

OMG...u ppl are great...maths what a deadly subject...i alwayz hated it and the more i ran away from chased me!! the word calculus still gives me nightmares!

was just passing by...your blog seems to b very interesting!!!