Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you Know Appko Pata hai Part I

Siddharth brought this sheet from school on friday.. when i asked him about the sheet he has a full story to naraate.. Mama aapko pata hai kee honey bee ka ghar kee six sides hoti hai.. ( mama do you know honey bee house has a six sides) This was my project today.. i hope you can see a honey bee in the hexagon above.. 
The way he asked me this question aapko pata hai... gave me an opportunity to launch a series of this.. I asked him further Siddharth why the name is honey bee... Mama aapko itna bhi nahi pata woh honey collect karti hai isilye honey bee.. Today it was my turn to ask him question and i was throughly enjoying it .. i never thought that asking question can be interesting also when you ask to a cute kid like Siddharth.. 

Here comes my next question, Siddharth honey bee honey kahaan se laati hai.. ( How honey bee collects honey) Mama honey aata hai sunflower se kyoonki woh bheee yellow hota hai aur honey ka color bhee yellow hota hai.. ( they get from sunflower as it is yellow in colour and honey is also yellow in colour)

Siddharth Honey bee honey kya karti hai.. Mama aapko nahi pata.. woh apne baby ko khana deti hai.. unko honey se bada karti hai aur us honey se ek special jelly benti hai jo rani honey bee khati hai.. 

Mama ek baat batayoon.. jo boy hote hai na woh lazy hote hai.. kuch kaam nahi karte ( mama do you know saying with a naughty laugh on his face, boys dont works they sleep all the day) Being naughty with him i asked him what is Lazy.. Mama aapko lazy nahi pata.. ( u don't know) lazy means zo kuch kaam nahi karta bus leta rahta hai... 

I was laughing the way he told me and honestly i never noticed that honey bee house has six sides.. That's cute!!


Neha said...

hahaha, that was so cute...i am laughing my heart out...god swatantra, I have always heard mommy tolerating baby's questions, but poor siddharth(just kidding ;))...he had to step into your shoes...and he was quite patient with you...loved reading the whole thing...can't wait for more...hahahahaha (ROFL)

ZB said...

thats interesting....Kids teach us so much..even i never thought it was hexagonal.....LOLS...lazy boyz..:)

sangeeta said...

i am smiling!!
kids explain things so innocently...
the honey bee drawn inside the hexagon is even better than the hexagon n the name he has written is really cute.
he he ...boys lazy hote hain...did he know about the drones?

Nazish Rahman said...

Lols...thats scientist Siddharth :)!!
I like all his innovative and question attitude. This thing of his gives me the impression that this boy really is eager for knowledge. I again n always wish him all the best n success in life....inshaallah!!!

Susan DeAngelis said...

that was so adorable -- i never knew a hive was a hexagon either...

Neha said...

and yeah, I just noticed one thing when I clicked on that image - the way he has written his name...i mean, he is still learning and in spite of that, he knows the spelling perfectly..:)

Swatantra said...

Neha: Thanks, i love asking question to Siddharth.. I really enjoy the way he talks..

ZB: That's true.. Thanks indeed!!

Sangeeta: Thanks!! '

Nazish: Thanks for the wishes, he really takes lots of interest in knowing things..

Susan: I believe i am learning so many things from him. i am sure soon i will write a post on it..

Thanks everyone for your comments.. keep writing!!

Apanatva said...

lovely post .

NeHa said...

hey....its been long since i logged in :))

the pik made me curious...but yes siddharth put an end to my questions as well like he did 2 urs :))

very very cute pik ;)