Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rich Sunday!!

Today was the most wonderful day spend in the way Siddharth planned. As vivek is out with the friends and i am sure he is going to miss the fun we had together..

The day started with the baking a cake together.. it was fun doing with him and his cute little question, Mama this is a chocolate cake why are you adding banana and eggs to it.
Next was trying on a new skates Siddharth got yesterday.. In the skating ground he wished next for a visit to the book store.

We were heading towards the book store in a mall nearby and siddharth saw this sand truck at one of the store.. Mama i dont have the truck for the sand.. and in a very cute way when he asks me mahnga hai.. ( is it costly) .. The way he asked me this question, i felt like buying for him.

He saw crocs at one shop and wished to buy for himself the red colour and i green colour but finally we settled for red colour.

When i went to a store to check on something for me he did not like it. There we met a mom of his classmate and Siddharth was on for another fun as she told that her daughter is in the play Zone. On hearing this from her Siddhath comes and tells me, Mama agar aap mujhe wahaan chod do to aap aaram se shoping kar sakte ho.. ( if you leave me in the playzone u can shop easily) I was laughing and left him at the play zone..

Siddharth enjoyed for one hour at the play Zone, i selected few cloths for Siddharth and brought him to check after the play zone.

We were coming back home, Siddharth tells me very innocently Mama aap kitne rich ho na( Mama you are very rich na).. you bought me so much in one go. Many Toys, Cloths, Crocs, Play Zone..

I had the wonderful day...Siddharth was telling me just now!! AMEN!!


Zeba said...

Awwwn. So cute!!! Thanks for passing by my blog and loving it!! Do keep visiting! Tc

kavi said...

CAught up on all the posts. Wonderful to see Siddharth move and grow !

His intuitive skills seem to be on a steep learning curve ! Which is great to behold !!

All the very best. Thanks for sharing. And looking forward to more !

shilpa said...

thats so lovely siddharth getting so many presents .Lovely post

Lou said...

I think you were tricked into thinking you are rich! Very clever boy;)

Neha said...

hahaha, he is damn cute...n smart too...thank u for sharing...take care :)

Aparna said...

Kids are so adorable that we feel like buying the store for them, don't we?
Wonderful to see you and your son bonding so well.

A Childhood Journey said...

Sounds like a fun mom and son weekend outing.

I am waiting for the day when Shreya is old enough that we spend a rich Sunday together. But girl that she is, she is already eyeing hand bags and lipsticks!

Apanatva said...

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Apanatva said...
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Nazish Rahman said...

He is really cute :)!!!

Siddharth is a smart lad...believe me!!
Wow cake i love baking cake...can u plz share the recipe of your chocolate cake...would b great of u!