Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous day!!


I got a call from Siddharth school, he has 100 + fever, kindly take him home.. The school gets panicked due to swine flu.. and in turn i was worried. We rushed to the hospital and he is normal after two dosage of crocin.. and i am happy to see him back in action and making boat from a balloon..


We were on the way to home from hospital, he saw a ballon wala.. he wanted to buy a ballon. After taking the ballon i was about to start car, he started a conversation with balloon wala..

Siddharth: Bhaiyaa aapko kitne paise bachte hai.. ( how much money you save) 
Balloon wala: looking quite puzzled, as he never expected this question from a five year old kid.. 
Siddharth: again the same question
Balloon wala: yeh saree bech ke ghar chala jatoon hoon.. aur time pass ho jata hai.. aap yeh bansuri loge.. 
Siddharth: Mama le lo.. 
We bought the flute.. then he wished him Happy Diwali. The Balloon wala got so touched that he gave him one extra balloon. 


We came home, Siddharth let's wash hands. 

Me: Siddharth aapko pata hai aaj Global handwash day hai.. 
Siddharth: Mama woh kya hota hai.
Me: Today they are celebrating as hand wash day so people will pludge that they will always wash hands, when come home.. before eating food.. 
Siddharth: Mama kaise..
Me: Jaise gandhi jayanti hota hai.. we celebrate, today Govt has taken the intiavtive.. 
Siddharth: Achaa to aaj govt ka birthday hai.. 

and after this i was just laughing and he also joined me...

SCENE 4 : He wanted to watch the people who are playing with fireworks.. 

Me: Siddharth rule no. 1 , stay away from crackers.. rule no. 2 when they burst out don't touch them.. puchoo kyoon
Siddharth: Kyoonki usme swine flu hota hai.. 
Yeh tumhari meri batein hameshaa yuhi chalti rahein
So after this fabulous day he has gone off to sleep, and i was thinking this post is as fabulous as i have got this award from Nazish Rahman Thanks for the award..  


Antarman said...

Lovely child ! just loved the interaction, keep posting:)

Tomz said...

And it was a fabulous post, made me to laugh a lot..

A learner said...

fiction ??
btw it was fabulous.. !!

Usha said...

Achhaa....Crackers and Swine Flu..interesting...I'm lovin' your little boy more..


Nazish Rahman said...

Siddharth is so sweet n has a heart of gold...b the person u r Siddharth!!

The unsure ascetic said...

so sweet! Happy Diwali to you and your family! Say hi to Gentleman Sid

SG said...

Kids are more intellegent than we think. Happy diwali to you and your family.

siras said...

Awwwwwwww!!!! Your little boy's an absolute cutie!!!!

This post made me smile a lot. :D

Mama Zen said...

Congratulations on the award!

Glad Siddharth isn't seriously sick!

sm said...

very touching post

Varsha Shrote said...

Hahaha! Very cute! Govt. ka birthday?
and that's really sweet of him to talk to the balloonwala, shows the caring part of his nature:)
Keep it up, Sid!
Congratulations on the award:)

Swatantra said...

Varsha: Thanks. We really enjoyed the day!!

SM: :)

Sangeeta: Thanks for the encouraging words.

MamaZen: Thanks.. yes he is fine.

Siras: yes my little boy is a real darling!!

SG:Thanks for the wishes!! Hope you had an amazing diwali!!

Unsureascetic: The room is as per sid choice.
Nazish: Thanks!!

Usha: I laughed a lot!!

Sumandebray said...

Great Post!
I am touched by Siddhart's sensitivity. May God Bless him.

~Lopa said...

Was busy last weeks so couldnt check blogs much, so today when got time am reading these prev entries also which i missed... loved this one...

I always think it's still time atleast 1-2 years for having a baby but when i read so sweet posts, i feel whenever it will be, it will be real fun :)

Loved this post... a big hug :)