Friday, July 30, 2010

Déjà vu

आपको पता है पहले हर राजा के पास एक Train थी फेर बहुत पैसे खरच होते थे तो उन्होने track बना दिए और Railway Network बन गया.. हम ने एक झूठी मूठ का राजा भी देखा था

Siddharth shared when i picked him from school today... it reminded me of the days when Siddharth was three year old we took him to the Railway Museum, today he went with his classmates to the same place. and he shared a cute story with us.. 

Siddharth with his friend Dev at rail Museum in year 2004
हम ने एक steam engine देखा और Toy Train में गये.. एक था जो Train  को Left साइड जाना तो Left हो जाएगा Right जाना है तो Right हो जाएगा.. ट्रेन के Wheel round नही होते cone shape होते है

गोल होते तो गिर जाता दोनो side  cone चलते है.. आपको पता है ट्रेन का पहला accident कैसे हुआ था एक हाथी से हुआ था बतायो कैसे हुआ मैं बतयू ट्रेन ट्रॅक से उतर गयी और एक elephant सामने आ गया

पहले सिग्नल नही होते थे लोग बता देते थे अगर दोनो हाथ उपर हे तो नही आयो अगर एक हाथ नीचे है तो आ जयो. माउंटन में बोर्ड पे लाइट लगते थे Yellow  means engine स्टार्ट,  red means stop  and green means come.. 
I have never knew so many fact about train.. which he learnt in this week at his school during their theme as Train Transport... 

and when we were reading a story about train in the night he shared how the  sharpness of nose helps the fastest train run fast... 

यह ज़िंदगी का सफ़र कुछ तेज हो गया
तेरी यह प्यारी प्यारी क़हानियो के साथ
यह ट्रेन पहुँच जाएगी मंज़िल पे
हमारी ज़िंदगानी के साथ!!


The Holy Lama said...

Maybe they will have to add another section to the rail museum soon - How Indian Railways managed to have record no of accidents in the years 2008- 2010.

Yeh ajeeb kaani bhi railgadi ki hai.

Tomz said...

Hope, SId will become a wonderful story teller just like his mum..

Nazish Rahman said...

He catches things very fast...thats great...god bless him :)

Nona said...

Railway museum is a good place to spend time!

Mama Zen said...

It's amazing how much they learn, isn't it?

SG said...

Siddharth is a very quick learner. You both should be proud of him.

sm said...

he is intelligent.
like the pics.