Sunday, July 18, 2010

Metro Ride!!

Metro Service has been started in Gurgaon. Siddharth enjoys the  metro ride very much. He took his first metro ride at the age of 3 year. This one was more enjoyable as we all went together as a family. 
Morning 6.30 AM we woke up and was there at the station by 8.20AM. The moment i told Siddharth we are going for Metro Ride he woke up faster than his father. We decided to visit Qutub Minar. 

The first shot: 
Inside the metro train, while me and Vivek was busy looking at the skyline Gurgaon has, how wonderful the experience, different types of farm house our creative son was busy making his stories with his new toy buzz and the other animals. He was creating his own jungle with the animals. 

Siddharth with his small little world..
Here is the first reflection of Qutub Minar. I have always loved this magnificient building. It was taken more than 100 years to complete it. Below three storeyes are made from red sandstone and the rest two with the marble and sandstone. The moment we reached there Siddharth saw some birds and ran to catch them. The speed of his steps is slow so that the bird cannot hear it.  

The iron pillar at Qutub, This is made of pure iron and it has not got rust even after 2000 year. 
Vivek and Siddharth playing langi taang at qutub
Siddharth jumping over steeping stone... he always creates his own games 

माँ यह metro बड़ी magic है
यह तो कार से भी तेज चलती है..
मुझे बहुत मज़ा आया..
आप और पापा के साथ खेल खेल में...


The Holy Lama said...

Metro is really a hit with kids

~ Lopa said...

wow that's a neat metro station !

Nona said...

Nice pics! Metro is so convenient!

Sumandebray said...

A great day out!
How did you manage to find a metro station so empty and Qutub with no one around .... I thought yeo to sirf film-mo mein hota hai!

sm said...

great fun
nice pics

Rajlakshmi said...

can see the excitement in his smile...
and he's very sweet :)