Monday, November 07, 2011

I am flying....

Dear Siddharth, 

You turned eight today, and the memories of the words " its a boy" are still alive in my mind. Its a boy i know when you have become a true independent boy on your eight birthday. You woke up today morning and saw that every body in the house is doing the preparation of your birthday, and you went directly to your room and started making it clean for the day on your own..

When you finish a book of 200 pages in few hours and  if i tell you to sleep and the answer is  मम्मा सोना कितना बोरिंग है ना (Mume how boring the sleep is)?? You dont want to sleep and finish your own book and i am still missing those days when i was reading those story books to you..

When you pick your own cloths, and  tells me with love यह मैच नहीं करता (mom this does not matches) and i miss the last year when i use to choose and make you wear the cloths i wished.... You are great at choosing your cloths today.. Better than me..

When you love carrying those grocery bags from the lift to our house and there is a big smile on your face... and i am still thinking of picking you in my lap.. 
When somebody else calls you baby and you say i am not your baby, I am only my mom's baby... When in this summer holidays you wrote your book on your own, your birthday invitation cards were made by you, your solo performances of tabla on the stage, you were chosen as a player of the  month in your Football Academy, you make your own decision to stay back at your favourite friend Manveer's house, you make your own decision of gifting all your cards to your best friend Dev, when you filled your form of immigration while our trip to USA, your first feedback at the opening of our resort Te Aroha by your own thoughts, when you compete with your father in race and win,  ... these are few of the achievements son you have completed in the last one year only... and many others which make me feel a proud mom.. 

You sit just like your father...
When you become a wanderer .....
You are the youngest photographer.... 
Son, on your this birthday and many more to come, i wish you the best of everything, more moments of joy, happiness, togetherness and love... May you enjoy the life to the fullest and do what you love doing the most!!!

तुम्हारी यह मासूमियत भरी हंसी
लगती है मुझे बड़ी प्यारी..
तुम ऐसे ही खुश रहो
यह दुआ है हमारी!!!
  With lots of love..your mom!!


Ranbir Singh said...

Godbless Siddharth. Have a very long, happy and content life.
Ranbir Singh

Ranbir Singh said...

Godbless Siddharth. Have a long, happy and content life.
Mubaraks to you Swatantra.
Ranbir Singh

Neha said...

Happy birthday Siddharth. I can only imagine how your parents must be feeling right now. It's lovely to have known you through this blog. loads of love and hugs. Have a wonderful wonderful birthday. God bless ya. :)