Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi Reet!!

The start of this year is with the new life in our family.  After a labor pain of more than 12 hours I gave birth to my second child on Jan 7th, 2012. 
Arrival at Cradle when she is still inside me
When doctor asked me to kiss the baby I kissed her and welcomed her with a warm smile in this beautiful world.   “Hi Reet “were the first words from me to her.  This name was thought before I conceived her. She is Reet (meaning of culture in Hindi is Reet), as she is going to bring the culture, tradition to our house. 

The complete nine months has been a journey mixed of emotions, anxiety and adventures.  The first trimester was full of nausea, and the last two trimesters were full of adventure. Me, Vivek and Siddharth had great fun and always talked about her, how our life will be different and more beautiful when she will come. 

And today when she is more than a month old, It seems that she was already there in our life. She is a cute little sister to Siddharth and his birthday present from me (It was Siddharth who persuaded me to go for the second child). I look upon her more as my companion in life, a cute little princess for Vivek. 

Siddharth and Reet putting their hand on there Father's hand
We all are pleased with joy with this little angel in our life. The whole life is around her and nothing seems more important than to be just be with her for all of us. 

This post is dedicated to this bundle of joy in our life, to these cute little feet who has come to our house and when I look at these ones, these are the words came to my mind..

मेरे घर आई एक नन्ही परी!!


Tomz said...

Hello Swatantra,

Thats great news..My heartfel congrats to u and ur family..Happy that Sid has got a little prayers..

sangeeta said...

She is so cute.
God bless!!!

cyclopseven said...

In the fullness of a bloomed rose, every garden become extraordinarily enchanting. May a lot of sunshine and grace fall on all. God bless. :)

Kavi said...

Delighted to know !! Heres wishing you the very best !!

May Reet have a joyous journey of life !!


Nona said...