Saturday, June 09, 2012

Our little explorers!!

Siddharth had been exploring new things always. I have seen that he never play/build any of the toy with the instruction written on it. He will make his new ways of playing with it and now Reet has joined his brother in this game of exploring. Where ever we took her, or when she goes for a morning walk with Siddharth she will look around the whole house and wants to touch everything. It reminds me that my dad says that kids should be left alone to explore on their, never stop them you be with them and support them. The more they explore the more sharp they will become. So, i look forward to do this with my kids. It is so beautiful when you see them exploring new things and enjoying. Having a gap of eight years between them makes the life more interesting. Reet has just discovered about her hands whereas Siddharth wanted to buy a wrist watch for himself.

Siddharth with his first wrist watch 
Reet in her favourite pose...

Reet exploring her toys
Siddharth exploring new and different shape

Reet exploring leaves

Siddharth making bird house from leaves..

We had just celebrated Siddharth's riding on his bicycle. Reet sat on her own yesterday, and as always i am behind the lens exploring these moments of joys with them, so that tomorrow when both of them will be on their own ways to explore the world, i will revisit to these memories through this blog and remember how beautiful and exciting the world of parenting is!!!


Swatantra said...

Amazing... I love the way u hv captured them in diff stages of thr exploration... Pics are as always awesome... message from Gagan Massi

Tomz said...

nice to see u and kids back