Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Siddharth and Me - 1

Yesterday when i was going to the market, i wished to take Siddharth along. The moment i asked him , he negotiated for a toy, i said if you really need one we will buy. When we were going i told Siddharth that we never negotiated with our parents for this. I said i am not saying it is bad i am just sharing this and i was amazed to hear his answer, you know Mume my kids will not come with me and will order me to buy the toy. We were just laughing and i was thinking how clear his thoughts are, When we reached market, i was relaxed as compare to the past when i am always in a hurry and focused on tick marking my list. From my teenage i have done this, and yesterday i wanted to enjoy the whole moment with my son. I was surprised to see this change in me and started enjoying it.

In the whole process i thought later that my son was very observant and was noticing each move of ours.The first stop was at the ATM and it was inside the bank, we took money and he said Mom the bank manager did not notice we came, took money and now we are going out. The second stop was at the tailor shop, when the tailor gave me a date of 16th june i said ok and Siddharth said; Mume you wear this on my play and ask him to give you early. The tailor agreed not on my suggestion but on seeing my son's love for me. He was shouting with joy oh you will wear a new one on my play. The next stop was at pastry shop where he ate pastry and we inquired for the toy shop. We could not find one, but my son found the slam attacks card for him at the stationery shop.. 

When we reached home back, i was feeling very happy to have fun with Siddharth, and was thinking these are the small memories to cherish. I hope when Siddharth will read this blog he will feel great that how happy his mom was that he decided to go with  her and made her day.

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