Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Six months already!!

Reet is six months.. when i look at these words it is hard for me to believe how time flies.. and in the same thoughts the journey for these months had been full of fun, challenges and masti...

Reet arrived and the biggest challenge for me was that now i have two kids and how to devote my time fairly between two of them. Siddharth has been very cooperative. He understood well that Reet needs me more and he started managing things on his own, like going to the soccer class from the gate, getting ready himself all the time. One day when he made maggi , roasting seekh kabab i felt so proud of my big champ. 

Life has been on a fun ride which makes you scare and happy at same time. I still remember how happy me and Siddharth felt when Reet took the turn on her own, we were just looking at Reet and wanted the time to stop here only, but life goes on. It will take you thru all those what it has planned for us.

Today when Reet can sit on her own, shows me the expression of pick me up when she needs, knows the meaning of bye, i thank GOD for this cute angel in our life.  
First day at Home!!
Two months!!
Three Months!!
The most beautiful smile ever !! ( The day she turned three months)
Four months ( she started solid food)
cleaned herself on her own!!
Four months she could read a book with me!!
Can play with a toy on her own!!
Discovered hands!!
First turn she took!!
Five months!!
Six Months!!
Oh i just discovered how to open and read a book on my own!!

And when i look at all above, few of my thoughts takes me back into the first day i saw her and others to this that  soon she will be growing fast and building her life on her own.. and i will look into this post remember these first few months with her!! May God bless you my daughter!!

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Mukta said...

So sweet! Motherhood is indeed a gratifying experience...Congrats Reet :)