Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Holidays 2012

There are many posts which are overdue and today i promised myself that i will start them one by one.. let me write from the sequence.The first post is about the summer holidays. 

Summer holidays are always my best days, i look forward to them as much as Siddharth do. This time with us Reet also enjoyed in the gang. We woke up late, made something, broke something, we laughed, we fought and we made our days bright. We were most of the time at home but that did not stop Siddharth from his regular theatre class and other activities. Reet has enjoyed the complete holidays with her elder brother and she had actively participated in whatever he had done. waking up together, sitting by his side throughout the days, clinging to him, posing nicely for the photo shoot. She loved those morning walks with him. Whenever she use to get up from her sleep, Siddharth was the first one to be with her. And when he went to school the whole day she missed him and did not sleep. Here is the revisit to what we did in the summer of 2012. 

We were cleaning the refrigerator and Siddharth took the opportunity to cool himself
Sid's fav making puzzle from ice cube
First one to pick Reet when she woke up
Taking her to the walk in our small garden

Making the toys with his own rules... This is for towing cars..

Posing nicely for me
I was always short of these ones for our little reader..
He got his first watch from us

Reet visited the Shopping Mall for first time
Rain Rain come again..
Reet always with her elder brother
I also want to paint
Magical Hands
I loved his expression for Ghost

Chilling at home... Reet with her toys and Siddharth on the book.
Reet and Siddharth First rain together with Vivek.

Now when i look back, It is hard for me to believe that holidays are over. I am living these memories and fun thru this blog and when my kids grow up they can see how much fun they had...

Ending this post with a very beautiful lines written for Reet by Siddharth and Reet fav Aunt.. Aru Auntie..

It rained yesterday, Reet!!
Watching it, you didn’t miss a beat
I could see the rainbow in the sky
Or was it just your smile?
but it sure went a long mile...........
to brighten our day
and make it all gay.......

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A Childhood Journey said...

Loved Reet's expressions in all the pictures. Chilling in the refrigerator and the ice puzzle are my favourites from Siddharth's pictures.

Shreya on reading this posts said two things "Reet is so cute and Siddharth Bhaiya is so tall now."