Monday, October 15, 2012

Reading in the car!!

Reet with her first book
I have always loved to read books to both my kids. I read for almost eight years to Siddharth and today he does not want to sleep before he finishes his book. I and Siddharth will go to the library and choose books for him and it is always a great feeling to see him reading on his own now. 

It is time for Reet and i am lucky that Reet has got a brother like Siddharth who reads her the book in a very beautiful way that no one could have done it better. This mostly happens when we travel together in the car. We have two books for Reet in the car titled, Farm animals and Cow wants to sing a song. 

The Farm animals has only the pictures and below is the story which Siddharth creates for her little sis and i enjoy the moments and say thanks to GOD for this lovely moment. 
Siddharth: Reet this is Farm animals and this is sheep. The Farmer see here the farmer who has all these animals, collect wool from sheep. 
on Horse: When the farmer is tired, this horse takes him where ever he wants to go. 
on Pig: Pig is a lazy animals he does not want to do anything, just want to lay in the mud. 
on Hen: When the farmer is tired, the hen gives the egg, he makes omelet and eats it. 
on Tractor: The farmer uses this to make even for his filed, this helps him to grow more and even. 
on duck: This lives in the pond throughout the day and swim, this is just a show off. 
on goose: Reet this is another show off. 

May God bless this bond of love, and when both my kids will grow up i will have a look at this post and cherish this moment of reading to them by reading this post.

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