Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Train Journey!!

This post was overdue for a very long time. We made our first journey together as a family by train and the experience was so good that it deserves a post. The trip was planned to Orcha ( a small city near Jhansi) . Apart from our Reet's first train travel it was the trip where my precious camera was hijacked by my little photographer and i was not allowed to click the pics. ( His pics will be in following post)

Reet and Siddharth both enjoyed the travel. It was comfortable journey we all could read, talk and share small moments of joy with each other. The journey was of five hours starting early morning, our friends Gagan, Pawan and their cute daughter Baani also accompanied us. In the train we met a girl named Angie she traveled 15 countries in three months with one sling bag contained two pair of cloths and a small camera. 

Reet With Angie
Siddharth reading his book on stories from Geeta
Both my kids relaxing
The property we stayed was at the banks of Betwa river. There were trees, big lawns and the river where we had spent most of our time. Siddharth played badminton, cricket with Pawan Uncle and Vivek. 

Hold me tight mom i will take u thru all the hurdles...
Our Princess
Our Prince
Siddhi I am not going to let you do this..

Massi with her Mithuu

Pawan in Action fence used as the net for Badminton
Nature at its best
Can u find a lion and a goat in this pic..
Good Morning Big Princess!!
Siddharth narrating a story
I love her expression
Reet Discovered swimming in water...
Now when i look at these pictures, i am living those moments of love, togetherness and fun thru this post. God Bless!!

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