Thursday, January 17, 2013

Conversation with Siddharth part 3

Siddharth: Mama i get bored in the music class, didi only sings hindi songs. I want to sing westran songs. 

Me: Siddharth what do u do? 

Siddharth: Mama we play chopstick. 

Me: What is that? 

Siddharth: See we play with fingers, and when didi looks at us, we hide our finger. You know mama, girls also dont enjoy they talk, but u know talking is like singing and there are few kids who sings at high pitch so teacher thinks the girls are singing. Mama why do girls do talking all the time?? 

I think my little son is no more little now, he is grown up and doing things which we use to do in our college.. 

Life is moving fast, and with this fast world i am learning new things from my son.. Who i believe has entered into pre teen age now.. God Bless him with lots of love and patience.

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