Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inner Peace!!

I love reading and i can read anything. If i can read and understand the first twenty pages of any book, i can read it. Though my inclination has been towards spiritual reading. 

Whenever this word " inner peace" had come i could not understand the meaning of it, i could not understand the meaning of being practical. Now after spending eleven years of a tough marriage and a mother of two kids, i know what these words mean. 

I have always been a free spirit and has done things the way i want, whether it is emotional or practical i have not even bothered about this. I have followed my heart. 

I trust people easily and always ready to lend a helping hand. Two years back, i went to Cochin alone, there sitting on the bench of a river i found my inner peace. I loved this feeling of inner peace. For me inner peace is the control on my thoughts. If i am in good mood or in a bad mood, it is me who is deciding that mood. My mood is not decided by the actions of others. 

I love this control of thoughts in me, i love this patience in me. I love this flow of thoughts in me. It has helped me to take the charge of my life, to handle the challenges my nine year old is constantly throwing at me, to spend the quality time with my one year old and to have a beautiful relationship with my 41 year old. 

O God give me the strength to accept the things i cannot change. 
Courage to change what i can and the wisdom to know the difference between two!! Amen!!  

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