Monday, January 28, 2013


A question from my nine year old, inspired me to write this post. He asked me can money buy happiness. My answer was no, and his answer was yes. I have read long back that happiness is a state of mind, came true to me when i came to knew his happiness, for Siddharth it is one chocolate or kurkure which gives happiness. So money can buy happiness for him.

For me happiness is when i get a hug from my kids. When Siddharth tells me that he is proud of me that is the happiness for me.

Happiness is when i see them growing together, when i see them bonding with each other. When we have our dinner together

Happiness is when hubby makes breakfast for me. Happiness is when he understand me without telling him what i need the most.  

Happiness is when i write about my kids on this blog and read my older posts!!  
For Siddharth money can buy happiness, and i am waiting for the happiness on his face, when he will read this post and tell me mume money can't buy happiness!!

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