Friday, March 15, 2013

Dora and Reet

I don't remember any of Siddharth's fascination with toys at the age of less than one and half. Whenever i see Reet deeply into some action or reading some book or playing with toys one thought always comes to my mind, she is an old soul. The way she shows attraction toward the Dora book ( gifted from her elder sister Sherya), Siddharth toys and to the song of Om shanti om (brahmakumaris) is simply amazing for a toddler to connect at this age. Yesterday night she woke up in a very disturbed mood and a story from Dora book and a tune of Om shanti Om could put her back to sleep peacefully.

Is it the exposure or the kids of the generation 2012.
Reet Exploring the toys of Bhai
Reading Dora on her own
When the Hanuman will fly
Feasting on the tale of dolphin
I am a reader already
Mama why you are always behind the camera
Mimicking our act of mobile phone
Now not to analyzing it further enjoying these feeling with my toddler, i want to save some of these moment and get them posted here on this post, so that when I am not there in this world. My kids can see this post and relish it more than what I have done during writing it.  

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