Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sports day for Varsha!!

Sports day at Siddharth's School happens very year. The day is full with enthusiasm, courage and lots of positive energy around. It demonstrates the physical strength, control over body, coordination and the team spirit by our kids. It is an amazing source of energy where kids participate in different activities like hoopla, skipping, races, yoga, gymnastic, football and basket ball. I was remembering our sports day which was only  race and gymnastic. There will be one PT teacher sitting on a chair and managing the whole show. I don't even remember my parents to coming there to encourage us. Siddharth's school it is done at much larger scale. There are few activities like Race, Football, Baketball, Gymnastic, hoopla where everyone participates. In other like Yoga and skipping they were given a choice. Siddharth was very excited towards skipping. 

Race has always been Siddharth's favorite. It was great fun, when i also raced with Siddharth here.

The parents getting ready for basket ball game
Kids waiting for their mementos

In Class after the sports day

Thanks to the technology today, that i get to frame all these moments, so when tomorrow Siddharth and Reet wants to have a look how they performed their sports day. They can read it enjoy it again...

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