Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Magic Wand

Yesterday Siddharth wrote a beautiful story on Hamara Mela ( His schools birthday celebration happened on sep 28th) 

I was on hamara mela in the magic land, i found a real wand. Suddenly i felt like something was pulling me towards it. I could not hold of it and jerked me and i went flying into the sky. Then there was a flash of pink light and i fell on something soft!..... 
Where was i what was this thing i felt really sacred and pretty hungry. I got up and saw i was lying on a hay and it looked like i was in a forest. Suddenly two little creatures came out the bushes they move they were as small as honeybees and insects. 
The first thing i felt was excitement then it grew into fear. I went to their homes and hey told me they were faries. All of them talked happily and joked till fairy queen told me that a goblin was troubling them and the holder of pink wand could kill it. ....
I went to the goblins lair and waited for it to the goblin fought violently but i killed them and once again peace was restored in fairy land. we had a great feast and the everything went pink and i was in my homes backyard again.  
So many children begged me to tell me my adventures that i wrote a story about it and you have just finished reading it. 

A wonderful story, reminds me of the day of writing about him when he just learned how to talk and today he narrates a story. I am felling so happy that my purpose of thins blog is getting fulfilled, signing off now with a promise to me that i will be more regular in writing here... God Bless!! 

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