Friday, October 11, 2013

My little Expressive Child!!

My last post was about Siddharth writing a beautiful story on his own, and this is about beautiful words my little 21 months old can speak. The life is at a contrast and i am loving it. Yes i also have my moments to feel upset few of them are when my movement get restricted.Then i come to this place, read the post, and feel great. I have made a conscious decision of not hiring a nanny for my kids. I want to enjoy their childhood... why do i pay someone to enjoy a beautiful childhood. Here are the cute words Reet can speak in her cute and clear voice.

She could say words like मम्मा,पापा, भाई, नानी, bye and tata from the age of ten months. Now for the last few days she repeats every word we say, she is our little parrot. 
1. Muma is the one most clear word and of course her first word at the age of 10 month. She started saying on my brother gagan wedding. 
2. Papa - There is a beautiful story behind this, she started with saying daddy the moment vivek will say Papa she would say daddy. Then one day she said Papa on 26th July 2013 (not in front of him) and now he is Papa.
3. भाई - She said Bhai very clearly and from the beginning he was Bhai and now she fondly calls him भैया and to my surprise she can say Siddharth. 
4. Nanny 
5. Daddy - To my dad 
6. खोलो - open
7. बंद- close
8. दीदी
9. गीता - Our Domestic help
10. Thank you - When you give anything to her you will hear a beautiful sound of Thank you
11. काकुच - When she want to eat snack, fruit
12. खाना- She know a clear difference between a meal and snack. 
13. रोटी  
14. Wow
15. Oh oh!
16. Shoe - whenever i get ready she will start following me saying shoe...
17. Park - When  we wear her the shoe, or we get down to the park.. the first word is park and second is swing 
18. पानी - water 
19. Peek a boo
20. Jingle - The moment she will sit on her high chair for food she will say jingle means play jingle bells for me and then Bingo
21. Dance - Lets dance 
22. हट - GO away
23.Cow, Pig, Cat
24. Come lets go
25. No No  
26. दादी
27. I touch - I wonder why we call it ipad... 

While writing this i just learned that she can say many words and is on the journey to express her beautifully.... 

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