Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My two children!!

This place has been ignored for a very long time. Life is being so busy in juggling multiple priorities that I am not getting time to sit at peace and write for this. There are so many things which I wanted to write. Every time I notice Reet saying each word after me, Siddharth writing so many beautiful stories and poems. I want to copy paste all of them here. 

Life is a bliss with two of them around. Today post is about growing with both of them. Siddharth does everything on his own and doesn't need me for any of his daily chores. He is very independent . I always use to believe that its only nine years that kids need you. I am very happy the way he has been grown. A sensitive, intelligent and caring child. He has a different view of looking and doing anything, which is very different from where I see them. I love to see him being very creative. He enjoys cooking with me. Sometimes both of us love to sit together, play and read, and at other times we just want to be in our own spaces. He is into his routine of coming from school, reading book, doing homework and getting into sleep. 

Reet a charming for all of us, is always on a mission like me. She roams in the whole house and wants to try everything which we all doing. She will try her best to get what she wants. If she wants me to read her book, she will come , close my computer and tells me to read her the book. She loves to follow pattern, the way I do anything with her initial she can follow it every time. She always amazes me with her quick learning ability. At her age of 25 months she can pronounce words like squeak. She can tell her name and manage drinking water on her own from a glass. She eats Roti on own and does not like if you break it into pieces for her. She prefers to sit on dining table with us not on her chair. She loves music, can catch any tune and dances every night on songs played on my phone. She can sleep in whole night now. 

I am thankful to God for these two cute children. After reading the post I am feeling so happy that I wrote this. The picture below truly depicts my life currently. The steering wheel of my life has come to my second child now. 


Sundar Narayanan said...

welcome back !

glad to see you back and more importantly, glad to see you liking the come back!

lovely picture Swatantra


Kavi said...

Indeed! Welcome back. Heres to happy times and a writing style that can only be described as 'truly natural'! :)

Nice read