Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sports Day 2014

Siddharth sports day, is a demonstration of kids practise in field of athletes. All kids works hard to show us their strength on physical and concentration level to the parents and teacher. I have always enjoyed it like I enjoy all events in Siddharth School. This is the only show where I could relate it to some memories of my school days. Though it is very different from what it use to be for us.
This year sports day was very special for Siddharth as he participated in 400 meter Race. I was amazed to see him running. I could never run a complete 200 meter race and my son came won the race for 400 meters. It was a very emotional and happy moment for me.
Reet also enjoyed sports day, she was the charmer of Siddharth class, everyone wanted to hold her. She liked when they come one by one, she played with them.
Overall it was a great fun, here are some pics.
Way to Sports day Newspaper crated by students

Flying Sikh is popular now


So is Sanya

Siddharth with his class

March by Class V


Posing happily
I don't like too many people
Siddharth in 400 meter race
Second round
I Hope when Siddharth grows up, and comes to this space for his fond memories of Sports day and enjoy them as much as I have writing them here!! Amen!

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