Friday, April 25, 2014

Words and language you express...

You have become my charmer all day, I just love to speak with you. I believe you also know that I ask you same question every time to hear your little sweet, clear voice. You answer me by saying words like boo or sometimes just laugh. 

You are very sharp in implementing things just like me, I get amazed to see how fast you have learned sentences from our day to day language. You speak in hindi and english both.  
  • सारा नमकीन गिरा रही है , when you see something has been spilled on floor and you want us to come and notice it. 
  • This is my chocolate , when you want something you want and your Bhai takes it away from you. I believe you picked this from me, when you want my bindi. I explain that this is my bindi and thats Reet bindi. You learn to express about your things.      
  • Wanted ipad I always ask you what you want, you translated beautifully into wanted. 
  • Wanted Water पानी water. You can translate words so beautifully and you are never wrong here. 
  • Roti Paranthee Roti 
  • Wanted this side, you use this sentence through out the day and don't let me sit or sleep. I use this word with you, when we go out and you go in other direction. Now when I am writing this post you have come atleast three times and moved me to your side. 
  • सुनो बच्चे, मेरे दोनों बच्चे you imitate me so very well here.
  • No for you is both yes and no . Only i can understand you when you say yes and when no. Rest everyone in house is confused. 
  • ऊपर लो , when i am sitting on bed and you want to come to me. 
  • निचे लो 
  • TV कर रही है 
  • खाना खा रही है 
  • नमस्ते 
  • बढ़िया है , जब हम पूछते है रीत आप कैसे हो 
  • आपका नाम कया है - रीत 
  • you do not like to feed food specially chapati, it is amazed how you learn on your own to break donw in to small pieces. 
  • When you are playing with your toys you do not want to be disturbed and then you express it by your eyes first and then if Bhai still irritates you, you know how to communicate with him without involving me. 
  • You can handle many things on your own by using the words from your dictionary, you started cutie pie and cupir tie but corrected it so soon that I could not enjoy much of your innocence there. 
  • You love to show your love, hug and special kisses for Bhai and you never forget to say पारी पारी. When he is angry on you on spoiling his game you complain by saying मारा कर रही है , Toys कर रही है. 
  • You could call your brother name at age of 20 months and can pronounce clearly all of Siddharth friends name like ishaan, gauri, anushka, Mani. 
  • Our neighbor simply love when you call her name with so much of clarity "Sumanna" You like her when she calls you a brat dont you. 
  •  You love to read books on your own, you are not much fond of toys. No corner in our house has been left without your exploration. You boost yourself by saying very good whenever you do something new and pass any challenge. 
  • Your memory is great, you just need to be taught/shown once. Next time I may forget the way but you are there to remind me. Then I just love look and smile in your eyes. 
  • I love your hugs when you know I am low and the way you show your special love to me.
  • I am amazed at how beautifully and clearly you sometime convey to me by using whispers. 
  • You and Bhai looks cute the most when you both put your finger on your lips to experss Shhhh....
  • I know you love Bhai a lot and looks forward to spend time with him. 
  • When I am working in kitchen and love to open drawer which I made for you to play with your own toys, 
  • Fight for everything what Bhai is doing and he is kind enough to share things with you, you need to learn how to share my dear!!
  • You sing so well at age of two year, your fav are ding dong bell, Oh my massi, who pulled her in, Bingo ( B I N G O) 
  • and when you say bye bye take care which has been changed recently into bye bye see you!! 
And I am glad that you are there in our life, without you my life could not have been completed. I learn patience from Siddharth but you told me how to be at peace in life. I am happy to write this post for you, so that tomorrow when you grow you can know how beautifully you expressed yourself in toddler age. And for me to read when you are building your own nest!!

Below picture of you shows how beautiful and simple you expressed yourself at everything. This was taken at Delhi Haat when I was busy talking to artist for new design, you found these Ganesha and started playing!! 


Gunjan Kalra said...

reet good going bless you.

Gunjan Kalra said...

good going reet bless you.