Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chennai 3 - Getting Spectacles!

You and I along with your little sister are siting at health care centre today to get your eyes tested. You visited this place last week with your dad and shared with me that you are going to get spectacles. 

I was in a meeting at that time and felt very sad to hear same, I could hear sadness in your voice also. I wanted to come home fast and tell you, son do not worry. This is all part of growing.  In that sadness I felt more connected with you. I could see that I wanted to share so many experience with you that it is perfectly fine. 

Few months ago, I always scolded you when you read in low light, in moving cars. But when I came home I was calm and you and I just glanced at each other and got rid of sadness in us. I am so glad on my parenting today. We do not have to lecture or talk, just being in that space for each other talks more than words. 

Today at health centre, you and I are going through this whole process of getting your prescription for   Lens together. I am glad that you are no more feeling sad, but I am still not completely comfortable with fact that you are going to have spectacles. While sharing with my brother today about your lens I had tears in my eyes. I am never nervous about anything in my life.. But today I am nervous as I am making myself responsible for same. I am thinking too hard , may be I have never worn glasses and somewhere in my mind there are thoughts that wearing spectacles is not a good thing. My worry is that in four days you  are leaving for residential school, how will you take care of yourself. Will you be able to manage spectacles. 

While I am going through all this set of emotions you seem fine and want to have nice set of spectacles for you. You are upset because doctor has told you not to read without spectacles and your spectacles are going to be ready in two more days. Your sister is enjoying whole process at much peace than you and me. I am feeling that it is so good to be innocent, as the way she is enjoying in health centre and at shop she wants to do everything you are facing. Sometimes it was so difficult for me to interact with your doctor as she is pulling all his instruments to herself to see what special is there that we are not allowing her. 

Looking at your sister and you , I am also feeling relaxed about fact of getting spectacles. One thing I want to share with you that you looked smart when you wore that red set of spectacles. In evening when you bought Black Forest Ice cream for me and your sister I loved the way you fed me. I was glad to see that most of genius people Steve jobs and Gandhi jee also wore spectacles. 

You are my genius boy always with or without spectacles. I love your passion of reading, sharing stories and way you get bored when you do not have anything to read or do. I know you were getting bored in also few days when you were told nov to read. I read few pages to you and was amazed at story of Percy Jackson we read together. Now I know why you read so much and can finish a book  in few hours. 

I want to write this post for you my genius son, that I am so proud of you and always remember that when you were born God smiled at you. I am sure that you will be a kind hearted man that I will always be proud of you.

I wanted to write this post for you that anytime you feel upset which I am sure you will not, have a look at below pic of your sister and remember that we should never let go of our innocence and take life in a stride the way it happens to us... And live it to fullest.... 

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