Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chennai 2 - Being Innocent!!

We are called human beings, as we are always in a being of relationship. Relationships has always been my favorite, when Piya my sister in law who has a beautiful blog called chat over a cuppa asked me to write a post on this theme I immediately said yes to her.

I thought of writing this post on me and how I see different relationship around me. Like all of us, I have always loved to be in a relationship. My mom always say where ever you go you make friends. I have always been very simple, honest and innocent in my life.May be this quality of mine has attracted me to initiate talk with all of them. I never want to get this innocence out of me. For this quality of me,  I have been taken wrong by many of my close ones. But I still decided to be same to be innocent towards me and others. As I believe whatever God has given me has a purpose around it.

I love to share each and every small thing of mine with people around me. I do not know if all of us like to do same. I do not see many of grown up sharing joy and sorrow more, I see them filtering thoughts. I always remember when we were small there was always people around us. We have never thought on filtering our thoughts in sharing to them. I see this a lot only in children and want the child in me to be always alive.  

I am very happy and grateful to God for gifting me with a relationship of a proud mother of two beautiful children, a daughter to a proud parents, a sister to a loving & caring brothers and to a big heart sister, a simple and independent wife to a husband, a friend to all my friends and the most beautiful relationship of me  to me.

I dedicate this post of mine to all beautiful relationship around me who has given me strength and energy to lead this life, to follow my intuition and my dream. To my aunts at Sangrur and Gurgaon, Amma at Madurai, a close friend coach at Mumbai, my sisters at Chicago, Gurgaon, Melbourne and Bangalore, to smiling eyes, to my mentor didi at Gurgaon, a caring friend of hope at Delhi, to my close relative at Mukherjee Nagar, to my followers and to all my friends and family who has accepted me the way I am and being there with me always !! And to the most beautiful relationship on this earth which is not based on mutual benefit the one you have with your children and your parents have with you!!

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