Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chennai 5 - Pathshaala

Siddharth My Son, 

Today its been 16 days that you have been moved to your residential school. This post was long due, but I was emotionally not ready to write same. 

The day you left for your new journey, I felt a huge vacuum has been created in me. I have never felt like same ever in my life. I was worried that If I am feeling so low, how you would be feeling. So I started giving strength to myself that we both have chosen this decision and we will go through this feeling. I know feeling from me to you passes very fast, So I wrote my points why I chose this school for you. You have so much of hunger in you to do different things in your life and that can be taken care at your school, you were open and wanted to explore this life for you. You will be in a positive and healthy environment always. 

Siddharth I know you will go through your own loneliness, the way I am going through. I knew that this will be tough for me but how much I think, I cannot prepare myself for this situation, irrespective of how hard I try. You and me were doing everything together from eating food to sleeping in night. I always thought that you were dependent on me, but after you left for your school. I realized it is other way around, I am more dependent on you, I cannot even decide for myself what to eat, what to do. You kept me so busy and always fulfilling your wishes that in whole process I became just the way you wanted me to be. I always enjoyed doing same. 

I am very happy that you chose this life for you, I believe you will chose your own destiny. I am writing this post for both of us as a memory to cherish, how we felt and why we chose this school for you.

I wish you good luck and you enjoy always your life at Pathashaala and make memories for both of us that we will be proud of!! 

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