Monday, September 15, 2014

Chennai 6 - Live in present!!

When we visited you at Pathashaala, I had eyes full of tears looking at how thin you were. Yes you are looking smart, but for a mom a child is always thin. 

You shared so many things with us, First time in our life you talked the whole day and we just listened to you. I remember when I asked you whether you want to stay here for next year also, You said Mom lets live in present. Do not worry about future.

I was touched and amazed by the way you took care of Reet, you let her do things the way she wanted. She was so happy to meet you and was not letting us come close to you. 

You shared about symbiosis of animals, which was a new learning for me. You told me that for anything we have to stop ourselves. 

There was a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness we all went through. We enjoyed fully one day with you and you were so excited to show us around your playgrounds, solar fields, science park and library. Below are some pictures from our visit to you. 

They meet after 45 days
Siddharth Favourite bench where he reads his book
I am happy for you my son that you are enjoying your life.I am happy that i took this lesson of living in present from you today at aug19, 2014. I am with you in this journey of life called " Awakening of Intelligence"

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