Saturday, January 31, 2015

Madras - 11 Happy 3rd Birthday

You are three now. Time flies, I still have the memory of your birth very fresh in my mind. Your birth story is very amazing. 

You have your own way of doing things and that was clear from your birth also. Doctors said I will deliver you on 6th Jan, but you decided 7thJan for you. I believe you wanted the same date of your  brother. The day was like this, I went to hospital in the morning of 7th and they started giving me induced pains. It was continued for almost 12 hours and my water bag did not break. Your doctor Witty Rana whom we chose in the 39th week was very much hopeful to have a vaginal delivery. You had cord around your neck and vaginal delivery in this case are little difficult, I believe you and me were all set for same. You were very brave inside and supported me to go through this journey wonderfully. I vomited before you came out and that was very unusual for me. The doctor was checking me regularly and she said that you will see this beautiful earth around 930 but at 715 I felt you wanted to come out, nurse rushed to call the doctor and at exact 730 in the night you cried. We knew in our heart that it’s a girl and we invited you in our life. We named you the day I conceived you. You are Reet for us.  

The last three years with you have been challenging, wonderful and spiritual for me with your growth. You are my shadow; you have traveled more than any other member in our family at this age. 

At three you play on your own, and I can do my things now. Earlier you will sit to insist on my lap while I am working on computer but now you are happily exploring your toys. 

You are very expressive child and famous among all my friends. They all love you more than they love me. You also express and gives love to them, sometimes I also get amaze at your expression. You are full of love and child like you are very rare. 

On this 3rd birthday of you my dear little Sai I wish you a great life ahead. 

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