Saturday, April 04, 2015

Madras 15 - Pathashaala

April 3rd, we went to Siddharth school for inauguration of study center. We all were so delighted to meet him , but you were the one who was expressing it so beautiful and in a very excited way. From the gate of the school you were calling his name. 

You hugged him, kissed him and do not wanted to be away from him, When I see both of you loving each other I never want you to separate. Here are some moments of togetherness.
When we were coming out we cried a lot and do not wanted to be separated from him. You started saying that Siddharth is in boarding school, I rarely used this term. When we sat in the car you wished to stay with him. I know you two are the most understanding children I have ever seen.

I am writing this post for both of you as a sweet reminder in your memory lane, that it is good for Siddharth to be in Pathshaala as it has shaped his life in many amazing ways. The most beautiful thing is he is enjoying his life to the best. My dear children, always enjoy this separateness the way you both do when you are not together. I hope you will always appreciate your bond and  be there for each other always. Amen!!

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