Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Madras 16 - Cute Little talks by little one

Reet my little one, my chote sai. You are learning too fast then I could imagine you to grow at this speed and understanding. Your command at voice and language is very good at the age of 3 years and six months. You can win anyone heart by your cute looks and talks. 

You know how to make a conversation more dramatic and get things done for you. You can engage all of us with just a smile. Siddharth is home for his summer holiday and house is filled with so much of love, laughter and your naughtiness from both of you. Authority you show him and display in front of us with your brother it seems that you are the one who is more demanding and loving at same time.

There are few sentences which I want to make a note here... I know sooner you will be talking like us and then i will like to come here and cherish memories of these talks with you.
  •  I want to take a bath: You love water and along with bath you wanna to give bath to your dolly, wash your cloths and love to hear song from me.. ( Let it shine...) if i forget you never forget to remind me by your cute little way.. Mumma Reet ko  want to shine chahiyee... And yesterday you even gave a bath to my iphone.  
  • I want to do a ipad: When we say no you are ready with your strategy which is different for everyone. With Papa you just need to show him your sad face, with Vir jee you are the most tough he has to save himself from you. and with me you will say keep it here... and when i am not around you will take it.
  •   I want to do padai ( when Siddharth sits for his homework you need all that what he is doing) 
  • I want to draw:) This is your favourite pass time and you do it very beautifully i will write one more post with pictures.   
  • I want pani :) Sometimes you wakes up in the night and ask for same.
  • I want to eat like this:) You never like me to feed you and eat your food on your own since age of two years.  
  • Wear appe appe:) You started this now and you can make yourself dress very beautifully. You love wearing dresses and choose your dress on your own. Sometimes you want to dress like me, wear a kurta and sari.  
  • Want to color:) You have made some beautoful color pictures with your fingers paints. 
  • Wash my hands there:) You can spend hours doing this.
  • Want the computer with the song:) Your favourite ones are Punjabi dance, Lungi dance and pani pani
  • Want to put a picture Other song with phone ok mamma :) means you want to listen above mentioned song on my phone
  • Let me play this:) When i call you and you want to continue your play
  • Mumma yeh dekho mosquito cut:) The only cut you know is by mosquitoes
  • I can't like it about this:) When you do not want anything we do with you. 
You are very independent my child, And you knew that I love you more when you call Siddharth vir jee and you do it when you want me to feel happy. 

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