Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Madras 17 - On your own!!

When today you used these words, I realized that while you are getting complete independent to do everything on your own,we all are living our life on our own at different places. Siddharth is in Pathashaala, Your Papa traveling all around the world ( not stayed more than three nights at one place) and you, me at Madras. 

It has been the most wonderful year in all of our life. We all are learning and experiencing new life at our places independently. When we are together it feels like we are always living together with each other.

Yesterday when you and I were cycling, you were first hesitant to ride on your own. You wanted me to push your cycle, in my heart I knew you can ride full paddle. I shared with you that you can do on your own now. And you did one full round, while we were coming back you noticed that many people around us do things on their own. A lady is bringing flower, Bhaiya is riding bike and you even mentioned about Siddharth also riding on his own. Now, if i tell you to do anything you will confirm with me, Oh on my own. here are the things you do on your own:
  1.  You can dress and undress yourself. 
  2. You can carry a watermelon from the car parking to home and i love the way you expressed baba re baba re at the weight you were carrying.
  3. On shoes you wear what you like to and that since you turned three. And it is the most difficult task to take you out from shoe section in any shop.
  4. You choose your dress since last one year and it takes very difficult for us to convince your Papa on your choice sometime. 
  5. You eat your food on your own. 
  6. You have your way of doing everything and you do not like to follow others. This you have picked up very well from me. You are just like me on this. 
  7. You can implement things very fast, this is another thing you inherited from me. 
  8. Today when i was adding masala to sabzi, you wanted to mix certain ingredients and you were very happy when i gave one masala peti to you. 
  9. You love to talk on phone and make your own conversation.  
  10. The most amazing thing, you handle knife and scissors very well and help me in cutting vegetables.
Bhai is amazed on your way of handling kitchen knife so beautiful June 2015

Wearing your shoe Feb 2015

Playing with pattern and making your own design Sep 2015

Your and Mine Masala Petti 16 sep 2015
The only thing you still sleep on my tummy and I am going to cry the day you will sleep on your own, my chote sai. I love the way you are growing and making your understanding of this beautiful world. I wish you become a very amazing girl!! 

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cyclopseven said...

How fast time flies...they look so adorable. :) God bless.