Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chennai 9 - First term of Siddharth

Siddharth your first term has been completed at Pathshaala along with first holidays at home. When you came home, you were completely transformed. This materialistic world where we live in, seemed alien to you. You forget how to open a plastic wrapper from a toothbrush and cheese slice pack, as you did not do all these things in your first term of four months of Pathashaala.

The most amazing thing happened to you is self reflection of your own thoughts and your confidence.   We all were happy to see you back home but how these two months passed we did not realise. We did all kind of fun , studies, discussion, fights, love and all.

Your Nanni and Daddy joined us at Madras for holidays. You had a great time with them. Daddy became your permanent teacher for your hindi and other homework.

You enjoyed your English and project work the most. Here are few glimpse of our first holiday spent together.

1. You were so kind and helping toward your little sister Reet.
2. You were happily posing for picture below in this blog.
3. You became fond of your bicycle that you even wanted to ride Reet cycle.
4. You finished your homework without much help from me.
5. Your reading of books is as amazing as it was always that one day in library you finished seven books in one hour.
6. You enjoyed visit to Blossoms book house and were delighted to see book Winnie the Pooh I liked and bought for myself.

We cried when you were at school again. I know both of us are going through an emotions of being happy, sad and exciting.

I wish you a great time at Pathashaala. I have chosen some pics of you and your sister to remind us how we spend our days at home.

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