Friday, January 22, 2016

Madras 19 - I am four Cinderella!!

Dear Reet 

You have turned four, it is a very special number and a special day for us. You have made us four by coming into our life. You have a very beautiful soul and little bundle of cuteness ( As your brother calls you). You are the the one who binds us all together in one thread and makes life more beautiful with your cuteness, distinctiveness and innate character. 

I have never met a child who is so mature and beautiful in same way. At the age of four you expresses yourself so beautiful. You love to play with Atta and make cookies, pizza from same. You will come to us and presents us in a very beautiful way that we cannot stop falling in love with you more and more.... You love your children because they belong to you, but then there are children you love them more and more on their character... on their small little things they express you with their innocence. You are much beyond than your innocence my child, you always know what you are doing and only do things which you like the most. If you do not like anything, no one can make you convince to do same. I love your conviction in you and your thoughts. 

Another beautiful quality in you, that If you like something in someone you include that in you. In this way you are my true reflection and my anchor. You have picked your accent from our dutch friend Marleen. From your cupcakes video you have learned how to present things so well. Even when you play with your toys, you give a introduction of what you are going to do. And I love the way you say " Hey Guys" 

On playing, you don't like to play with regular toys. You love to make your own games from the same. Like with Coco Crazy, you love to put monkeys on your fingers, with railroad you love to reorganise same. You start making puzzles but then you get bored from same. 

I cannot believe that its been only four years that you came into our life, with you its look like you were always there with us and we were never alone. 

You don't like if I scold or suggest anything to Siddharth, you will first hear what I say to him and then you will tell me.. Mom don't say this to Siddharth Virjee he doesn't like it.  You can control everyone in the house with your cuteness and we all will agree without any hesitation. 

I have never taught you anything and you have learned all the color name on your own. You know about the names of all the princess and I love the way you take care of your things. 

You don't let me dress you anymore and love to dress yourself . You have learned a very unique way of making sari from my scrafs, and your passion for nail polish is known to all my friends. When we visit them, the first thing you ask them is to put nail polish on your nails. You don't like any clips in your hair, and love to leave them like this. Sometimes you like to put hairband but no so regular. I miss this part with you, as I want to comb your hair and make ponytails. 

You love to put flower in your hair and can approach any women in Madras and woo her with your cuteness and get flowers from her. You have a very unique way of putting flower and you don't like it any other way. 

When we visited Disneyland in Dec, you only wanted to go and meet Cinderella, and we were astonshied when you asked her to dance for you and she danced.. Those were the moments I wanted time to stop and wished that we stay frozen in that moment. 

On your forth birthday, we made a cake of Cinderella for you, and it was so beautiful that even you do not wanted to cut same... Here is you our Cinderella with your Cinderella... 

I wish you a very happy birthday my chote sai and pray to God that you remain same as you are today, so pure and beautiful!! Amen! And I thank Divine for a little bundle of cuteness in our life!!

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SM said...

belated happy birthday
cake looks beautiful