Saturday, March 05, 2016

Madras 20 - Can we do this together?

My darling Reet,

This post is for you, for me to remember always your beautiful, mature and smart way of expressing yourself. Yes, the way you express yourself it’s very hard to believe that a four-year-old is talking. 

You are a beautiful soul, your dialogues with me are something very beautiful I will like to cherish always with me.

Today at the age of four you talk with a complete sense and can impress anyone with your vocabulary and little cute talks. You are fearless in talking and approaching to anyone.
I have been writing down few of your dialogues with me and today I am compiling all of them here for both of us to cherish. These are all your words from two words to first complete sentences.

When you first started talking, you will express in three words with translation like  Pani water pani… At the age of two you were talking in two words like

Mumma Chaihiyee
Puglendi Chahiyee
Pani Chaiyee… 

At the age of three you were talking in complete sentences
I do not like to sit in a car seat
Papa gadi chala rahe hain
Jingle bells Santa town on seeing Santa made with lights
I cannot take scooter
Mujhe nahi para chappal
Where is papa Siddharth
Jan5, 2015

She want to touch it a dog
How reet
I do not know
Can I try
I want to drink water
She needs water
I want to plant the water
I don't like this
Mama what happened
You crying
Mama what is this
This is torch you take this torch Starbucks gurgaon jan 11, 2015

Srsihti and Siddharth and Nani
Roti banner hai
Bike chala rahe hain
What is this
Yeh kahaan de lays
Money wow
Let me eat chips
22jan 15

Reet: Muma where is aunty gone
Me: To her house
Reet: Where is her house
Me: Adyar
Reet: Oh Adyar
Mumma why you doing my rubber band
Momma why are you crying do not cry I  sorry
Feb 4. 2015

Me: Reet how was Kamudi
Reet: Kamudi was looking at me, Looking at me one more time and then looking at me - Oct 8, 2015 

This ring has diamond

Mom where are you 
I am driving
Why are you driving 
I like driving
Oh you like driving 
i also want to drive 

On off
ipad slow 
I will doond  sun block 
Dhamptika yes san bakan hai 
Up Zero 
This is very scpiy 
Haanzi Mama what are you saying 
Upsatairs 25 september 2015 

Mom you do not go 
Papa thanks for the iPad 
Papa so many ba ba
Papa you like the jacket 
oh beautiful dress
I like your hair - Oct 1, 2015 
Papa can I have this for ten minutes…
No, I want to have it for more…  March 3, 2016

These are few of the dialogues, you are an amazing child with so many talent and gifts inside you, I wish that you always stay the same independent and clear in your mind. I love your way of expression and will and my favourite one will always be when you say Ya Swatantra ..Oh my GOD !! The firmness in your tone makes me fall in love with you over and over again.

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