Friday, June 10, 2016

Madras 21: Going to School

Day 1
Reet: Mom again i have to got to apl school. 
Day 2: 
Reet: Mom i don't want to go apl school one more time. 
Reet: Mom tomorrow you go to school I will go to Srishti. 
Me: Reet how will you manage work at Srishti
Reet: With People. 
Day 4: Mom are you going to Srishti tomorrow? 

You started your formal schooling now from June 6th. Your teacher says you are very independent and has settled very well in the class. Kartik and Samantha are your friends.

You started schooling late very unlike other kids, who starts schooling at the age of 2. We all including you are very happy that you were around us all the time, specially me. You were my shadow, you had so many real life experiences with me that you became very independent and expressive.

You are very sharp, we believe you will get school as a great platform to perform. Reet always remember you are our star in the family. We all love you so much specially your brother. He may not express his feeling verbally to you, but i see him being very protective and supportive to you all the time. I want you to remember this always and would like you to look up to him for anything.

This year is special for both of your schooling, you started school and your brother will change his school from Pathashaala to Kodaikanal international school.

Your fav dress to the school

Your bhai and your carer Kavitha Aka 

Coming back from school with Papa 

I wish you good luck my chote sai and believe you will write this chapter of your life also very beautiful. Love you and stay blessed!! 

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