Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three Wishes!!

When yesterday morning you shared three wishes with me, I was thinking how smart my son is. It never occurred to me that we can have wishes like this. 

You first narrated story of a carpenter with me, that he got three wishes. He went to his wife and asked her to use three wishes. First wish was to have long hair and second one was she wondered what will she do with long hair, so she used second wish to get rid of her hair. Her husband got upset on his wife behavior and asked for new wife. And then he never lived happily. You shared mom why he did not think twice before asking for his wishes. If I get three wishes I will have

1. I would like to fly in the world
2. I want to have wish that whenever I say money, money should come. 
3. A wish that I can have number of wishes whenever I can. 

I was awestruck by your presence of mind and cleverness, we have read this story in our childhood also. I never thought that option number three exists. 

I love you for your expression, and wish that you remain as creative as you are today. May God bless you with a beautiful life. When you come to this blog you read wishes, and be happy to know how innocent and creative you are!! 


Amit Shankar said...

wish more, they shall come true,
play with colors pink, violet and blue,
flap your wings, feel the power soar,
whisper is for lambs, come on lion, let us hear you roar.

Swatantra said...

Thanks Amit, For a lovely poem!!