Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chennai 8 - Letters

Dear Siddharth its been more than two months that you have been studying at Pathashaala. We met last month and other than that our only way to communicate through letters. I am cherishing it and loving this way with you. 

I love reading all your letters and in the first two days of week, I start calling Postman to confirm your letter. Your first letter was reached me after three attempt by postman at our house. Now I have taken his mobile number and he confirms me whenever there is a letter. 

We share about each other life. I am glad that you write very honest just like me. It touches to my heart, stay always same. I wanted to write this post so that we can remember how beautiful our bond became thru these letters.


cyclopseven said...

They have grown up:). Cute looking divine gifts. Wish you a happy new year 2015.

Mile sur mera tumahar to said...

Its touching Swatantra - you are really Bold to have this patience as mother ... Its surprise - you moved to chennai..?