Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chennai 7 - You and me..

I wanted to write about this post since the day you born. You are always there with me. Your presence is different from your brother. You always seem to be in your own world. 

We both together have explored the whole world on our own. The day you were three months, I took you everywhere where I needed to go for Siddharth school, my household chores, my business meeting. You are so adjusting that you never demand anything from me. In my board meeting now, you need a copy and pen to write and then you are again in your own world. 

You were born at a time, when I was at a peak of my career, but I decided to take  a back seat there to just be with you. May be you understand all this, and you support me always. Last few days when I was fixing a meeting with an architect, I did not realize to mention him that I will be bringing my two and half year old daughter. When we getting ready, I thought you come so naturally with me. 

Now in Chennai when we are alone, since your brother is in residential school. I am enjoying this time with you. You are my reflection, my strength and joy in my life. I am so excited and blessed that you are there with me my little Sai. Stay Blessed.

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